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Long Island HVAC Maintenance Company Launches IBT Division Emergency AC Repair company BP Group

It seems appropriate that our first business to highlight would be the company that kept us cool all summer long with its middle-of-the-summer emergency AC repair: The BP Group.

Leaders in the green building space, Glendale-based HVAC maintenance specialists, BP Group recently announced its Integrated Building Technologies division.

Integrated Building Technologies (IBT) encompasses a holistic approach to increasing efficiency, connecting intelligent buildings, HVAC maintenance, and analytics. The larger focus is to increase savings, implement superior systems, and stay ahead of maintenance issues.

Using IBT is both a fiscally and an environmentally responsible business tactic–making data and predictive analytics into easy-to-interpret, actionable reports. When preventative maintenance alerts are provided by the Building Management System information based energy efficiency improvements, lower operational and maintenance costs are the result.

For more than 35 years The BP Group has served Fortune 500 companies and has contributed to several notable LEED certified building projects on Long Island and beyond. The BP Group is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and has assisted in the development of the Urban Green Building Council GRPO curriculum.

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