GoodCellas: Used Phones & Trade Ins

GoodCellas, based on Long Island, is a company that sells quality used phones at outstanding prices. After finding a replacement, you can trade in your old one for the best trade in value. The process is mapped out on its website,, to make for a stress-free experience. A business that was once exclusive to Amazon, which has given it 4.9/5 stars, now has its own website.



  • Pre-owned and certified
  • Free standard shipping
  • Instant and honest offers
  • Fast payment
  • High quality (what you see is what you get)
  • 30 day warranty
  • No hassle returns
  • Order tracking

As one can see from this list, GoodCellas has a great deal to offer its customers, including ones that aren’t offered by competing used mobile device companies.

I don’t just stand by them because of the location, I stand by them because of values. With hard-working and dedicated employees, a fair and user-friendly process and a variety of devices and carriers, this company has earned its spot in the mobile device industry.

If you need more convincing than my highlight, check out the satisfied reviews.

It’s not  only an easy way to make and save money, it’s a way to clean out your home as well. What better way to get rid of unused junk than receiving fast money for it? If you’ve never experienced this kind of process before, it’s worth looking into!

Preview of Products: Apple iPhone (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Unlocked) Apple iPad (Cellular, Sprint, Wireless, AT&T, Verizon, Unlocked) Samsung Galaxy & Note (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Unlocked)

Want to take care of the phone you just bought from GoodCellas? Here are some tips on improving battery life!

Chembio Diagnostics Inc

Health care supplies

Number of employees: 206

Annual sales (Millions): $29.550chembio-logo

Chembio Diagnostics Inc has products on the market in more than 40 different countries, fortunately for us and the local economy the diagnostic company is located right here on Long Island in Medford. Chembio, is concentrated on the development, production and commercialization of diagnostic solutions. They are focused on their point-of-care rapid testing solutions for healthcare providers.They are able to deliver such rapid and quality care due to their Next Generation DPP(Dual Path Platform) technology. Their technology allows them to work with infectious diseases such as HIV, Ebola, syphilis, malaria and febrile illness, they are also approaching new uses in the diagnosis of a specific form of cancer and brain injury. What makes Chembio stand out is that they focus on the quality of their products over everything else. To expand and commercialize their products, Chembio has a team of experts to work on a sales and marketing infrastructure and to penetrate new markets worldwide. Every day the local employees at Chembio help to create healthier lives and communities for not only us on Long Island but also for people around the world.

Highlighting the Great Businesses of Long Island

As many Long Islanders know, there is a wide array of successful businesses all across Long Island. You may be asking, what exactly makes a business successful? A successful business is one that is passionate about what it does, makes an effort to contribute to the local community and does everything in its power to provide quality goods and services to its consumers. Businesses like that deserve to be noticed.

Computer Associates

Technology Software

Number of Employees: 11,500 (not all on Long Island)

Private company

 Computer Associates Technologies is one of those businesses. Located in Hauppauge, New York, CA Technologies designs software for companies in order to benefit the way the overall company is run. CA Technologies software is made to keep up with the constant changes of technology. Planning and development is more efficient with a software from CA Technologies. In order to stay ahead of the game, CA Technologies prides itself on being innovative. Being innovative isn’t the only positive quality this business possesses. With over 11,500 employees, the company gets involved with multiple philanthropic activities. From social, environmental and economic sustainability programs to partnerships, CA Technologies is heavily invested in making the community and the world a better place.

 Internet Retail

Public company

flowers2Annual revenue (in millions) $716.257

Number of Employees: 2, 200

 1-800-Flowers in Carle Place puts a smile on the faces of its customers as well as the community it’s located in. Specializing in fresh flower arrangements and bouquets, as well as specialized treat baskets and gift sets, 1-800-Flowers can come up with the perfect creation for whatever occasion. The high-quality products that are provided, as well as the social and environmental efforts that are put into place by the 1-800-Flowers team, are a large part of the reason why this company is such a successful one. 1-800-Flowers involves itself in community programs and educational programs throughout each community they serve. The company also takes part in military support and focuses on workplace diversity. Delivering as many smiles as this company does requires a dedicated and hardworking team. Opportunities on joining this team can be found at


Cablevision System Corp.

 Cable and Satellite

Public Company

Annual Revenue (in millions) $6,705.461

Number of Employees: 18,889

Cablevision in Woodbury has been serving Long Island since 1973. This telecommunications and media company takes pride in knowing that it’s serving 1,500 Long Island households with quality television, phone and internet. It’s known for the creation of specific networks such as News 12 Long Island, which is a leading local news station because of the loyal Long Island audience and the talent of Cablevision as a whole. Just like other successful companies mentioned above, Cablevision also participates in bettering the community and education. The Optimum Community, The Lustgarten Foundation and Newsday in the Community are the three organizations put into place by Cablevision in order to contribute to the community. Not only do these programs focus on providing educational programming and free Optimum cable TV and internet to schools and libraries across the tri-state area, they also raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.  

 As one can see, Long Island is the home of multiple successful and giving businesses. Ones that are not solely focused on just the company’s sales. These companies have proven to be committed to the local community in more than one way. This plays a large role in what makes them so great to highlight. Long Island is lucky to have these dedicated businesses so near by.




Long Island Web Design Company: Huemor

Farmingdale-based Web Design Agency Paints LI Red. And blue, and green, and yellow

Who doesn’t need more color in their lives? That is the idea behind the name Huemor—a Long Island web design company HUEMOR-LOGO-BLACKlocated in Farmingdale. More color (hue). Founders and long-time friends Jeff Gapinski and Micheal Cleary looked around and found that every project other Long Island web design companies put out lacked color and life. Huemor, who recently launched their own newly redesigned website certainly does not lack color. A look at the agency’s work showcases websites brimming with innovative design, color and usability.

Beyond being an award-winning interactive web design agency Huemor as an office is full of personality. Between social media and blog posts that highlight the employees almost as much as the office puppy Amber, it is easy to see that when you work with this web design company you are not only getting design and marketing experts, but a lively group of designers and developers. And, best of all, they’re Long Islanders!


Learn more about Huemor.

Top Commercial HVAC Company

Long Island HVAC Maintenance Company Launches IBT Division Emergency AC Repair company BP Group

It seems appropriate that our first business to highlight would be the company that kept us cool all summer long with its middle-of-the-summer emergency AC repair: The BP Group.

Leaders in the green building space, Glendale-based HVAC maintenance specialists, BP Group recently announced its Integrated Building Technologies division.

Integrated Building Technologies (IBT) encompasses a holistic approach to increasing efficiency, connecting intelligent buildings, HVAC maintenance, and analytics. The larger focus is to increase savings, implement superior systems, and stay ahead of maintenance issues.

Using IBT is both a fiscally and an environmentally responsible business tactic–making data and predictive analytics into easy-to-interpret, actionable reports. When preventative maintenance alerts are provided by the Building Management System information based energy efficiency improvements, lower operational and maintenance costs are the result.

For more than 35 years The BP Group has served Fortune 500 companies and has contributed to several notable LEED certified building projects on Long Island and beyond. The BP Group is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and has assisted in the development of the Urban Green Building Council GRPO curriculum.

To learn more about The BP Group or Integrated Building Technologies visit